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In 2019, we are newly offering API interface for applications from a third party in many professional fields: gaming industry, marketing, human resources, business, a consultancy in different areas, intelligent dating, education and personal growth, coaching and mentoring, financial and banking services and much more. We are preparing Open Source licence for analytics, BIG DATA and application from third parties.

The development and education provided to interested parties about joining the adventure of disruptive innovations that is in our genetic code. We like helping and guiding not only innovators. Enlightenment of the upper and university education and their connection to the world of successful business is our nature.

University lectures

The extraordinariness of the lectures is that they offer personal practical experience from almost two decades of research and neural network development, that almost no one in the Czech Republic knows. The lectures are free for universities.

Cooperation among people and robot

The introduction to the world of human-machine interactions, interdisciplinary connections between technical, natural and social science, the artificial intelligence appearance in human-machine relationship, evolutionary and technological disruption, human speech as the most natural tool of cooperation, what is awaiting us when the robots fully understand us. Transactional synthesis METILA®, opportunities in human-robot conversation, team cooperation with a robot and mutual control.

0 CZK (The lecture is free for universities and schools.)

Neural networks and artificial intelligence

Approaching the problematics of neural networks in the field of artificial intelligence. The most common mistakes and errors in expected benefits of AI; The biggest expected benefits of AI in the next 5 years; Essential questions of interpretation of the outputs of intelligent systems. The paradigm of The Transactional synthesis METILA® and evolutionary approach to human language; Examples of AI METILA® application in human resources; Expected demands on the skills of future artificial intelligence experts.

0 CZK (lecture is free for universities and schools)

The theory of neural networks and the newest topology

The lecture is being prepared as a part of a new publication. In the second part of the book “Transactional synthesis METILA®” readers will discover, as well as participants of the lecture, more about the secret of self-organization of deep neural networks. The mystery of natural data organization and its efficient use absorbs perhaps everyone, who likes everything natural, music, nature and the world of relations. The lecture can be the breaking point in your relationship to the world, that awaits you.

0 CZK (lecture is free for universities and schools)

Company seminars

The robotic brain METILA® understands throughout the conversation with human their message. It understands value frameworks, cultural values, behavioural patterns and it can choose the right people, that belong together . It will introduce the right people and recommend them a specific position to them through conversation interaction. This is real technology that has been used in practice already for 10 years. METILA® has been learning this whole time and it is looking forward to new opportunities.

On top of that, if you have internal projects with analytics and BIG DATA, we will make it possible for you to get new impulses  for expanding this solution by the newest technology of neural network with artificial intelligence.

Management of company processes with advanced intelligence

Communication of business process management; means of human and AI robots cooperation based on NN; simple chatbot based on rules versus intelligent robotic manager chatbot; principles of setting the subordination; approaches to searching the maximum benefits in the efficiency of processes; cooperation as a strategical game, AI and the principles of humanity and morality

40 000 CZK (an example of a price for half-day training for 10 people)

Efficient personality development and a healthy team

How does technological efficiency increase human potential; development of human personality and company human capital; AI as a coach, mentor or mediator; introspection and interpretation; How does AI approach the aspects of the human brain in psychology, sociology, anthropology, culturology, behavioural economy. How do games with AI change human resources?

40 000 CZK (an example of a price for half-day training for 10 people)

Advanced intelligence in communication with clients

Do you want to offer your communication channel to your clients? How can AI understand human speech; semantic website; qualitative and quantitative decision making in NN; a distorted mirror of reality and the principle of understanding; semiotics, etymology, linguistics, mentality and facts versus lies; critical thinking and synthesis; neural awareness and learning.

40 000 CZK (an example of a price for half-day training for 10 people)

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