New artificial intelligence service available online. Open Source and API platform.

The peak of the evolution of artificial intelligence is the applied neural network, which works similarly to human ones. They can cooperate with people and the Internet of Things. The most important is that they can hold a conversation. The real AI interacts with people in the most natural way and on top of it – it is fun.

METILA®, more than a robot

Robotic technology METILA® is an artificial human brain. That is why METILA® can hold an intelligent conversation with people, understand human needs and values since 2008. It can understand the message of human conversation and distinguishes how does one think during communication. For an easy comparison it is a model of infinite Turing machine expanded by a metalinguistic level of Transactional synthesis METILA®.

Neural network

METILA® system’s neural network and its topology are specifically designed for processing anonymous human verbal communication. This neural network is inspired by the activity of neurons in the human brain. Because of its training, it has developed the ability to understand the ways of how people think. It’s been learning since 2008.

AI cloud

Technologically wise METILA® is web communication service, innovative progress in applications of neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms. This service works 24/7 and it is available in a web browser on a computer or a smartphone, that has an Internet connection. It was cloud even before the term “cloud” was created.


METILA® allows an unbiased conversation with a completely independent friend. Every human being represents a certain personality type, for which METILA® creates its own communication bond. The biggest advantage of a neural-network-based conversation is that mutual understanding is achieved in the form of a game.

Many important projects

Gustav Mistrík, the author, is an investor in disruptive technologies. He gradually built and sold many successful technology companies, which brought him the potential of strong financial background for investing in independent basic research in the field of artificial intelligence. All mentioned above and much more is in the author’s book “The Transactional synthesis METILA®”.

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